dimitris varos
poetry | thirasia

(Kastaniotis Editions)
Prelude   Born early

So much silence around
Am I dying
or is Greece that suicides?


Take me up to the top of Thirasia
A red flag spurs me
A foamed sea tyrannize me
Two sun embroidered eyes get me drunk
I am a piece of this ground

Dressed for years the black Stone
as a cheap mercenary of reason
I’m nailing down the longing with a spear and keeping gagged under my feet
the cries of love, of life, of fight...

I know
that the dreams do not escape
but only in a scarlet destruction
and my heart flustered
at the bottom of the sea
comes near to the explosion

“Add some more fuse Dimitris!”


All trains have gone
We are left alone
with cries in our pockets
Absently kicking
the mortal remains of hope
as an empty packet of cigarettes

Alone with the fog
that overflows the factory
and surround us
Alone with the full moon
in our eyes
Alone with a band in our heads
that plays rock n' roll tunes

We are dreaming
an eternal love
evergreen fields
and red flags flying
at the front of the state buildings

When the morning comes
we'll be laid
beside the roots of a poppy

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