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A trip to love and to Europe
(Kastaniotis Editions)

Against the wind   Time has run out

Who threw water on the wick?
Who can, as restless and helpless
to survive in this necropolis?
Trumpeting down the walls
that are not of Jericho
Trumpeting down the walls
that besiege a chthonic people

Tonight I'll come as a black dove
to bring you an oak branch
from Dodona
And a darkness full of lightning
from the palace of Atropos
So that you stay awake all night
and knead a bright sunshine
for tomorrow

"Good morning weathercock"
say when the morning comes
"where do the winds blow today?"
And just like a white horse
start galloping against the wind


Smell of gas coming
from the shut kitchen
A body suspended
between two floors
A cry beating among buildings

Nothing was born
out of this expectation
The sand in your eyes
has turned into sediment
in your heart
The terms you dictated as a winner
are being re-negotiated

You have clung to a hope
You have believed in a cross
You have kneeled before a flag

Wet matches are now
all of your desires
And there are so many fortresses
between us

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