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Herald of love   Cats

With the silver moonlight
as a starter
songs of love escaping
from the empty shells on beach
Foggy ghosts dancing
on the sleeping sea

You have a fearless look
A carefree grin
A fragile body
as you approach me
through the ruins of ancient Samos

And suddenly
I feel shame
Because I did not see you
while you were weeping
Because I did not hear you
while you were crying
All those years
before I met you

And I think
this is a herald of love
that comes again as breeze
on the beach of Pythagorio


Cats are incredibly tolerant
Though descendants
of the royal family of animals
are able to host silly monkeys
inside their homes

They live with them
for thousands of years
but refuse to show them
that they have learned their language
They feel boredom
to participate
in their endless foolish chats

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