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"The bridle of rage"
Including "Hypatia"
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First edition of "Hypatia" (2008)
Hypatia   Local strangers

They engraved the word “telos”
with pieces of broken pottery
on her beautiful body
And the sun set
for last time in Alexandria

Then they build stone windmills
on the mountains
spinning dark for Europe

Before the Armenians
Before the Pontus inhabitants
Before the Aztecs
Before the Mayas
and Cherokees
Were the Greeks

The glory of my homeland
is a river of blood now
streams out of Caesarium on the streets seeking angry
a new Hercules
The one that will raise the club
and break the murderer
that for centuries now
stands asleep
keeping the dawn gates locked
with a cross


On this journey
I will not come with you
I will stay here
sitting on eagle’s stone of Epos
Wingless but illuminated

Surveying the tangerine trees of Kampos and the red stone houses
The gained ground of my ancestors
that become rosy-hued in the horizon
from Tsesme and beyond

Chewing the mastic from Olympus
that gathered by your hands
Getting drunk with Ariousios wine
from grapes that stepped by your legs

I shall stay here
To give you back your homeland
that for centuries now
you walk on as foreigners

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