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"The bridle of rage"
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Hunder heart   Ephydatia

I am a bird
singing in an open cage
What I have they cannot take it
What I have they cannot feel it

A mad navigator drives me
A fire-bearing fleet chases me
I am not afraid to die
I am not afraid to live
That makes my heart a hunter

I’m shooting luminous arrows
with a bow
and all lead back to my body
What I have it takes me up to heaven
and brings me down to hell
What I have I cannot deny it
That makes my heart a hunter

My brain is a uterus of lightning
I am a corsair galley
drunken with rum
inside the rulers’ navy yard
That makes my heart a hunter


The pomegranates
are making gray flowers this year
The roses bend in the soil
and weep petals
A black shadow surrounds the house
and pass the doorstep

When did the dawn come?
When did the sunset go away?
Now a nightmarish silence
heralds a deadly storm
A silent air dusting lonely songs
It makes the harp playing by itself
ominous prophecies

I can see it in your eyes
You can see it in my own
The colors faded
Our bodies turned to stone
Nothing is like yesterday

I had to kill you
such as Naiad Ephydatia Hylas
so that I can always love you

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