dimitris varos
poetry | andromeda

(Art Friends Club of Chios)

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See us
In the vast universe
bathed in relentless darkness
we spinning all around the light
sighing and agonizing
for centuries and centuries

See us
At the edge of the Milky Way
screwed on the aged Earth
-our cradle and grave-
to draw UFO in the sky
cheating our craving
and giving a blinded outlet
in our dreams

See us
In the unfolding of the new century
to look at the stars
with a love affectionate
and like modern Caesars
to knit romance with Egypt
disregarding Rome
which swirls in the vortex of decadence


ONE foot
beyond your heart
is enough
to don’t feel love for anybody

TWO yards
away from your companions
are enough
to be alone

THREE miles
above this dying Earth
are enough
to see and cry for today

FOUR light years
far away from Alpha Centauri
are enough
to feel there is no hope anymore

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